Can You Use Cameo For Advertising? The Ultimate Guide

Cameo is changing how businesses tap into influencer marketing and celebrity endorsements. It boasts over 45,000 celebrities who offer video messages. This makes it a powerful tool for raising brand awareness, promoting new products, or surprising employees.

Since its launch in 2016, Cameo has become a favorite for fans to get personalized videos from actors, athletes, musicians, and online stars. Besides its individual users, Cameo also offers services for businesses through Cameo for Business (C4B). This business arm enables companies to use celebrities’ influence and creativity for marketing and advertising needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Cameo offers a diverse talent pool of over 45,000 celebrities for businesses to engage with
  • Cameo for Business provides higher-priced video options for corporate use cases, such as Lindsay Lohan’s $3,500 business video
  • Brands can leverage Cameo’s Snap x Cameo Advertiser Program to create custom video ads for Snapchat’s 339 million daily users
  • Successful Cameo for Business campaigns have driven measurable results, like Mattress Firm’s 8-point lift in ad awareness
  • Cameo’s flexibility and personability make it a powerful tool for a variety of marketing and advertising use cases

What is Cameo?

Cameo is more than just a website; it’s a way to connect with your favorite stars. It allows you to order custom video messages from a huge list of celebrities. This includes actors, athletes, musicians, comedians, and social media influencers. You can request video greetings for special events like birthdays or graduations.

How does Cameo work?

Ordering a Cameo video is easy. First, browse through the Cameo marketplace to pick a famous face. Then, explain what you want in the video and for what event. After making your choice, your chosen star will make a video just for you. You can then download and share it with loved ones.

How much does Cameo cost?

Celebrity prices on Cameo vary a lot. Some influencers start at $10, while top celebrities can go for thousands. The price you see includes everything, with no hidden fees. This way, you can choose based on your budget and favorite stars.

Cameo Feature Description
Personalized Video Messages Fans can request custom video greetings from celebrities for various occasions.
Cameo Calls Users can book live video calls with celebrities through the Cameo Calls feature.
Cameo Marketplace The platform’s marketplace allows users to browse and select from a wide range of celebrities offering their services.
Transparent Pricing Cameo provides clear and upfront pricing for each celebrity, enabling users to easily compare and choose their desired option.

Can You Use Cameo For Advertising?

Yes, Cameo is great for business needs. It has a section called C4B for this. C4B helps brands use famous people to connect with their audience.

Places like Portillo’s and Kraft Heinz use Cameo for marketing. They say it’s good for reaching people without spending too much money. This has made their brands look better to customers. They’ve also learned a lot by using Cameo for ads.

On Cameo, brands use famous events to stand out. The fees are clear, and there’s no big back and forth about prices. Brands can even talk to their favorite celebrities for ads.

Cameo helps make your brand more interesting. It talks about contests and special posts from celebrities as ways to get people excited. The goal is to create great ads without spending a lot of money.

Ideas for Using Cameo for Business

Cameo for Business is a great way for brands to use celebrity power and custom video content. It’s perfect for marketing and ads. Let’s explore how to make the most of it:

Increase brand awareness

Work with well-known stars. They can make videos for you to share online. This gets people talking about your brand and interested in what you offer.

Launch a product

Get a buzz going for your new product using Cameo. Have big stars show off your latest thing in a way that’s fun and personal. This connects with your audience in a special way.

Book a speaker

At corporate events, get Cameo celebs to speak or join a Q&A. They bring their own star quality. Their unique talks can make your events more engaging for everyone.

Delight your employees

Surprise your team with videos from their favorite celebs. It boosts their mood and shows you care. These videos are a great way to thank your hard-working staff.

Surf a viral wave

Join the latest trends with videos from Cameo stars. These clips can go viral, getting your brand seen by more people. It’s a fun way to expand your reach.

ideas for using cameo for business

Why Cameo Delivers for Brands

Cameo is changing the game with celebrity videos for marketing. It’s a great way for brands to use fame and personal messages. It brings special value to businesses in many ways.

Audience Attention

Cameo lets you reach your audience uniquely. You can make a direct connection by working with big names. This grabs attention and helps you build strong bonds with your fans.


With personalized messages, Cameo makes marketing real. It offers a special link to your customers. This makes your outreach more personal and authentic, touching hearts more deeply.


It’s easy to create a variety of content on Cameo. From launching products to celebrating your team, it fits all needs. You can pick from many talents and customize videos for your brand.


Celebrities on Cameo add a personal touch to your brand. This makes your marketing efforts more down-to-earth. It’s like making your brand a friend to your customers.


Cameo is a hot spot for content that gets shared a lot. People love sharing their personal videos from stars. This sharing boosts your brand’s visibility online.

With Cameo’s unique benefits, like connecting with audiences, keeping things real, offering many options, being friendly, and getting word out widely, you can boost your marketing game to new heights.

Cameo for Business Examples

Many brands are finding big success with Cameo for Business. They use it to make unique and interesting marketing content. Let’s look at some neat ways companies have used it:

Gong and Chris Diamantopoulos of Silicon Valley

Gong, a top sales help platform, teamed up with actor Chris Diamantopoulos. He’s famous for playing Russ Hanneman in Silicon Valley. Gong had Diamantopoulos make a special video for their yearly sales meet. It got everyone really excited to go.

Sendoso and Ice-T

Sendoso, known for corporate gifting, got rapper/actor Ice-T to help. They made unique business video campaigns using Cameo. Ice-T’s messages really hit home with Sendoso’s audience. It helped boost their brand’s reach and connections. and Lindsay Lohan, David Hasselhoff, Lance Bass, and Bob Saget did something cool by using celebrity cameos. They got Lindsay Lohan, David Hasselhoff, Lance Bass, and Bob Saget for their promo videos. These creative Cameo for Business videos made really stand out. They reached lots of new people this way.


Cameo has become a vital tool for brands. It helps them use celebrity influence and personalized video marketing. This is great for their ads. Companies can find many talented people to work with through Cameo for Business.

This way, brands can make personalized video content for their fans. It’s a new and special way to do marketing. It helps them be unique and connect better with their audience.

More and more, people want marketing that feels real and personal. Cameo’s platform meets this need. It’s a cool way for brands to tap into celebrity influence. This helps them get their message across, engage their audience, and meet their advertising goals.


What is Cameo?

Cameo is a cool way to get video messages from stars you love. These could be actors, athletes, musicians, comedians, and more. It’s all done through the website or an app on your phone.

How does Cameo work?

It’s easy to use. Just look through the Cameo options, choose your favorite star, and tell them what you want the message to be about.

How much does Cameo cost?

Many famous people are on Cameo now. This means you can find videos from lots of different celebs, but the prices vary.

Can You Use Cameo For Advertising?

Yes, Cameo has a special part where businesses can work with stars. This part, called Cameo for Business, helps brands connect with their audience using famous faces in personalized videos.

What are some ideas for using Cameo for Business?

Cameo for Business is great for many things like making your brand known, launching new products, finding great speakers, rewarding employees, or catching onto trends.

Why does Cameo deliver value for brands?

It makes marketing fun and personal. This helps brands get noticed since people love seeing their favorite stars do something for them directly.

Can you provide some examples of how businesses have used Cameo for Business?

For example, Gong and Chris Diamantopoulos from Silicon Valley, Sendoso and Ice-T, and with Lindsay Lohan, David Hasselhoff, Lance Bass, and Bob Saget. They all made amazing marketing content through Cameo.

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