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Frequently Asked Questions

General Q&A

Why should I choose FoxVisits ?

The Answer is pretty simple. There are plenty of services and networks like ours but noone of them can really offer what we do. We know very well that your prior services may have told you similar things or made promises but we don’t let words fall to the wind and this is why we’re unique. We provide REAL quality services and we take care about every client.

Where is your company based?
What advertising format do you support ?
Do you accept Adult websites ?

No, we do not accept such sites for any of our services.

Why did you give up the 'buy website traffic' section?
Due to large interest in our advertising platform, but also because using our platform is equivalent to the ‘buy website traffic’ service we have run. The difference is that every detail of targeting is in your hands and prices are much lower than direct sales.
So using our advertising platform is more beneficial for each of our customers and this is what we advise you to use.
How can I contact you and what are your working hours?


What is the minimum top-up to my advertiser account?
What payment methods do you accept ?
What is the minimum daily campaign budget ?
What are your rates CPC / CPM for advertising ?
  • Audience – CPC $0.001
  • Verified Audience – CPC $0.003
  • POP – CPC $0.001
  • Native Advertising – CPM $0.1
  • Display Advertising – CPM $0.1
Can I ask for a refund ?
What can I advertise with your network ?
Is your ad network traffic adsense safe ?
How long the campaign approval takes ?
What traffic source will be shown in my analytics ?

Display, Native and POP campaigns will results in transparent traffic source shown in your analytics.

Audience traffic will have Real Time bidding (RTB) referrer.

How can I optimize my campaign ?

If you want to achieve best results you should use as many targeting features and ad safety filters as possible, use google analytics macros code to track the sources and then blacklist unwanted sources or whitelist the ones which converts best for your offer.

My campaign overspend the budget, why ?
What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
What payout methods do you accept ?
When do you process payouts ?
What CPC / CPM rates do you offer ?

Our rates are competitive and one of the highest in the industry.

Small Business Marketing

What kind of marketing do you do ?