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A Sandwich Board Advertising Sign is constructed out of two A-frame boards which are connected at the top by a hinge. This allows for the sign to be opened for display, and then folded up for easy transport. The boards are typically made of corrugated plastic or cardboard and can be printed with advertising materials such as text, logos, or images. This type of sign is an effective way to get your message across quickly and easily.A sandwich board advertising sign is a great way to promote your business and attract customers. Not only are they cost effective, but they provide several benefits that you can use to your advantage.

Some of the advantages of using a sandwich board advertising sign include:
• Increased visibility – Sandwich board signs are highly visible and can be seen by pedestrians and motorists alike. They can be placed outside of your business or in high traffic areas, helping to catch the attention of potential customers.

• Flexibility – Sandwich board signs are lightweight and easy to move around, making them ideal for businesses that have multiple locations or move frequently.

• Cost-effectiveness – Compared to more traditional forms of advertising such as radio, television or print ads, sandwich boards are much more affordable. They require very little setup or maintenance costs, making them an excellent choice for businesses with tight budgets.

• Personalization – Sandwich board signs allow for a great level of customization, allowing you to tailor the message and design according to your needs. This allows you to create a unique advertisement that stands out and grabs people’s attention.

What Materials Are Used for Sandwich Board Advertising Sign?

Sandwich board advertising signs are a popular way to promote businesses and products. They are used in many places, from street corners to shopping malls. The materials used for sandwich board advertising signs vary depending on the purpose and budget of the advertiser. Commonly used materials include wood, metal, plastic, foamboard, and cardboard.

Wood is a popular choice for sandwich board signs because it is both durable and attractive. It is available in a variety of colors and finishes, so it can be customized to fit the look of any business or product. Metal is also an ideal material for sandwich boards as it is extremely durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Plastic is usually less expensive than wood or metal but can still be customized with different colors or patterns.

Foamboard is another option for sandwich boards that offers a lightweight yet sturdy option for advertising purposes. Foamboard signs are printed directly onto the material so they can be customized with logos or other designs quickly and easily. Cardboard is a great choice for those who need a more economical solution as they are generally less expensive but still offer good protection from water damage or fading over time.

No matter which material you choose, your sandwich board advertising sign will be sure to make an impact on potential customers and draw attention to your business or product. With so many materials available, you’ll be sure to find one that meets your needs and fits within your budget!

Step 1: Gather Materials

The materials necessary for constructing a sandwich board advertising sign include two wooden boards, four L-brackets, screws, and a drill. You will also need a measuring tape, a pencil, and paint or other decorative items. Once you have gathered all of the necessary materials, you can begin constructing your sandwich board advertising sign.

Step 2: Measure and Mark the Boards

Using the measuring tape and pencil, measure and mark the boards to create two identical frames. Make sure that the measurements are exact so that the frames fit together properly when they are assembled. Once you have marked the boards, you can use a saw to cut them to size.

Step 3: Assemble the Frames

Using the four L-brackets and screws, assemble the frames so that they fit securely together. Make sure that all of the screws are tightened securely to ensure that your sandwich board sign is sturdy and durable.

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Step 4: Decorate Your Sandwich Board Sign

Once your sandwich board sign is assembled, you can begin decorating it with paint or other decorative items. You can also add lettering or graphics to make your sign stand out from others in your area. When you are finished decorating your sandwich board advertising sign, it will be ready to use!

How to Design an Effective Sandwich Board Advertising Sign

Creating an effective sandwich board advertising sign is an important part of any business’s marketing strategy. It can draw attention to your store or product and help you stand out from the competition. To make the most of this type of advertising, it’s important to design a sign that will grab people’s attention and convey your message clearly. Here are some tips for designing an effective sandwich board advertising sign.

Choose the Right Materials

The materials you choose for your sandwich board advertising sign will make a big difference in how it looks and how long it lasts. Consider what kind of environment the sign will be in and choose materials accordingly. For example, if you plan to use the sign outdoors, waterproof materials such as corrugated plastic or aluminum may be more suitable than cardboard or paper. If you plan to use the sign indoors, consider using a material that is resistant to fading, such as vinyl or canvas.

Create a Visually Appealing Design

Your sandwich board advertising sign should be eye-catching and visually appealing so that people will take notice. Use colors and images that are consistent with your company’s branding, and keep text to a minimum so that it can easily be read from a distance. If possible, include a logo or other identifying image so that people will know who is behind the advertisement.

Include Clear Call-to-Action

Your sandwich board advertising sign should also include a clear call-to-action such as “Visit us today” or “Come in for special offers” so that viewers know what they need to do next. This will encourage them to take action and increase your chances of converting them into customers.

Make Sure It Is Easy To Read

When designing your sandwich board advertising sign, make sure that all text is large enough to be easily read from a distance and clearly legible against any background images or colors you use. Also consider the placement of text on the sign – make sure there is enough space between words and lines so that viewers won’t have trouble discerning one word from another.

Finally, don’t forget to proofread! Make sure all words are spelled correctly and punctuation is used correctly before printing out your final design. By following these tips for designing an effective sandwich board advertising sign, you can ensure that your message reaches as many potential customers as possible!

Choosing a Location

When installing a sandwich board advertising sign, it is important to choose the right location. Consider the visibility of the sign, as well as how much foot traffic the area receives. Choose a spot that is close to pedestrians, or in an area of higher visibility. If possible, check with local authorities to make sure there are no regulations that would affect your placement of the sign.

Installing Your Sign

Once you have chosen a location for your sandwich board advertising sign, it is time to install it. Make sure the surface you are placing the sign on is clean and level. If necessary, use sandbags or weights to keep the sign in place. Once installed, check that all of the bolts, screws and joints are securely fastened.

Making Your Sign Visible

In order for your sandwich board advertising sign to be effective, it needs to be easily visible from a distance. Consider adding reflective paint or tape around the edges of your sign for better visibility at night. Utilize bright colors and bold fonts for maximum impact during daylight hours.

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Regularly inspect your sandwich board advertising sign for any signs of damage or wear and tear. Check for loose bolts or screws and make sure all joints are tightly secured. If necessary, repaint any faded parts of your sign with weatherproof paint so that it remains visible even in inclement weather conditions.

How to Attract Attention with a Sandwich Board Advertising Sign

Advertising with a sandwich board is an effective and affordable way to attract attention for your business. A sandwich board sign can stand out from the crowd and draw potential customers to your store or business. Here are some tips on how to use a sandwich board advertising sign to get noticed.

Choose an Eye-Catching Design

The design of your sandwich board should be eye-catching and attractive. Use bright colors, bold fonts, and attractive graphics to make sure that your sign stands out from the rest of the signs in the area. Pay attention to the placement of text, graphics, and other elements on the sign so that it looks professional and well-thought-out.

Put It in a Visible Location

In order for your sandwich board advertising sign to be effective, it needs to be in a visible location. Make sure that it is placed in an area where pedestrians and drivers can easily see it from a distance. Choose a spot near busy sidewalks or intersections where people will be walking or driving by frequently.

Include Important Information

When designing your signage, make sure that you include all of the important information about your business or event. Include basic contact information such as your address, phone number, website URL, etc., as well as any other relevant details you want people to know. Make sure that all of this information is clearly visible on the sign so that potential customers can quickly find what they are looking for.

Use It Regularly

To get maximum exposure for your business or event, it’s important that you use your sandwich board advertising sign regularly. Place it outside of your store or business every day so that people become familiar with it over time. You should also consider changing up your messaging regularly so that people don’t become bored with seeing the same thing every day.

What Elements Should be Included in a Sandwich Board Advertising Sign?

A sandwich board advertising sign is a great way to draw attention to your business or organization. It is a portable, lightweight and cost-effective way to advertise and promote your message. When designing a sandwich board advertising sign, there are several elements that should be considered.

The size of the sign should be determined by its purpose. If it is intended to attract customers from far away, then a larger size should be used so that it can be seen from further away. If the sign is intended for use as an informational piece, then a smaller size may be used.

The type of material used for the sign should also be taken into account. Most signs are made from corrugated plastic or cardboard and can come in many different sizes and shapes. Additionally, there are many different types of inks and paints available for use on these materials that can help create vibrant colors and designs that will stand out from the crowd.

When designing the graphics for the sign, it is important to consider its content as well as its visual appeal. The graphics should contain information about the business or organization such as their logo, contact information, hours of operation, products or services offered, website address, promotional offers or discounts etc. Additionally, any images used should be related to the message being conveyed and should draw attention to the sign itself.

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Finally, when selecting a font for the text on the sign it is important that it is easy-to-read and clearly legible at all distances. The font should also match the style of graphics being used on the sign so that they complement each other rather than detract from one another.

By taking these elements into consideration when designing a sandwich board advertising sign you will have an effective tool for promoting your message and attracting customers or supporters.

Create a Catchy Slogan

Creating a catchy slogan is one of the most effective ways to draw attention to your sandwich board advertising sign. A catchy slogan should be brief, creative, and memorable. It should also accurately reflect the message you are trying to convey. Consider using rhyme, puns, or alliteration in your slogan to help make it stand out from the crowd. Additionally, make sure that the font you use is large and bold enough to be seen from a distance.

Incorporate Graphics and Visuals

Using graphics and visuals in your sandwich board advertising sign can help capture people’s attention quickly and easily. Consider incorporating images or illustrations of your product or service into your sign design. You can also incorporate colors that reflect your brand identity or that match up with any promotional materials you may be running concurrently. Additionally, consider using different shapes or textured backgrounds to give the sign a unique look and feel that will help it stand out from other signage.

Choose an Appropriate Size

When creating a sandwich board advertising sign, it’s important to choose an appropriate size for your message. If the sign is too small, it may not be seen from afar and if it’s too large, it could overwhelm passersby. Consider where you will be placing the sign when choosing its size so that you can ensure that potential customers will have an opportunity to view it.

Include Contact Information

When creating a sandwich board advertising sign, make sure to include contact information such as website URLs or phone numbers. Doing so will allow potential customers to easily access more information about your business or product without having to search for it on their own. Additionally, including contact information on the signage communicates trustworthiness and professionalism.

Utilize Repetition

Repetition is key when creating an effective sandwich board advertising sign. Make sure that all of the elements of the design work together cohesively and that they are repeated throughout the signage in order to create a unified look and feel. This repetition will help create familiarity with potential customers which can lead them towards making a purchase decision more quickly than if they were presented with new information each time they encountered your business’s signage.


Sandwich board advertising sign is an effective and affordable way to reach out to a larger audience and get more customers. It provides a unique opportunity to interact with potential customers, creating an immediate connection. Sandwich board signs can be used in any type of business from restaurants, to retailers and more. With the right design and placement, they can help increase your brand recognition and create significant exposure for your business.

Ultimately, sandwich board advertising signs are an inexpensive and effective way to advertise your business or products. They are easy to customize, transportable, and great for drawing attention from potential customers in any location. Investing in a quality sandwich board sign is a smart choice for any business looking for an affordable way to promote their brand or products.