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CPA marketing is one of the most appreciated marketing techniques these days and for some good reasons – more importantly, you get great scalability and an incredible ROI. Unlike other marketing solutions, CPA marketing allows the advertiser to pay after the sale has actually occurred. Basically, there are no upfront costs, hence its popularity, but where to find CPA offers? and how do you make money with such techniques?

Exploring Some High Paying CPA Networks

Around since 2004, MyLead is a popular CPA network that allows weekly payments and more types of campaigns. Apart from CPA, publishers can also opt for CPL, CPS and CPI programs.

Adsterra has dozens of thousands of publishers coming from all over the world. It has quick approval rates and has some of the highest paying rates on the market.

Dynu in Media is not to be overlooked either. It allows publishers to make money by providing access to commissions based on referral activities as well.

A few other high paying CPA networks worth some attention include:

How To Promote CPA Offers Without A Website

While creating a website and promoting it could be your best bet in generating revenue, the truth is you can do things without one as well. In fact, there are a few ways to promote CPA offers without running a website.

Where To Find CPA OffersPopular forums and discussion boards represent a good choice out there. You can post your offers as ads, but you can also make them look natural. Simply look for people seeking recommendations and advice and slip your offers in. Obviously, you will need to do a bit of research. You need to find networks that are somehow related to your offers – call to action is very important in your posts.

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Social media networks represent another great option to promote CPA offers without a website. You can stick to the major ones – such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Come up with handy posts or perhaps some reviews regarding the products you promote. There is a fine line between looking like a spammer and actually making money, so plan this campaign carefully.

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How To Find Good CPA Offers

Make sure you fully understand what you are trying to promote. You need to become familiar with the service or product. It does help focusing on products or services that you know a few things about – a bit of passion will motivate you.

Double check the offer documents carefully – terms, conditions, valid ad formats, leads accepted per day and potential limitations. Focus on business seasons. If it is something seasonal, start a few months before the season and end the campaign a few months after it.

Check the payment terms and conditions too. Connect with a network, integrate the CPA into your website (if you have one) and drive traffic to it. It is worth noting that you can make money without having a website too.

Several Considerations Regarding High Converting CPA Offers

In the attempt to make money, most people will focus on high converting CPA offers – even if they have no clues about the products they promote. It is highly recommended to go for something that you are passionate about. It may not make as much money, but if you love it, chances are you have friends who like it too. Advertising is so much easier when you are natural about it. On the other hand, there are skilled people out there who can also promote things that they have no clue about.

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Bottom line, CPA offers can and will help you gain revenue if you do everything by the book. Take your time to analyze offers, familiarize yourself with them and everything will become natural.