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Push notifications are often associated with the bar notifications coming from mobile applications on all kinds of devices – special offers, updates and so on. However, push notifications represent modern pop ups that will help advertisers over multiple channels, regardless of the marketing campaigns they are running.

The concept was introduced in 2009 and gained huge notoriety overtime. These days, it represents one of the top options in the advertising industry. However, just like everything else in this field, such techniques must be implemented by the book in order to be successful – otherwise, you risk annoying potential or existing customers. So, what do you need to know about these push notifications then?

What Are Push Notifications?

To keep it simple, push notifications represent popup messages. They are clickable and will obviously lead to something else – a special offer, a new product and so on. They show up in browsers, meaning the device is irrelevant. Also, they can be used in all browsers, so there are no restrictions from this point of view.

Push notifications represent a communication channel – a quick and efficient one. They allow companies and services to come up with messages, useful information, updates, special offers or other relevant information. Subscribers can get these messages with two conditions – first, they must be online. Second, they need to have the browsers running.

Compared to other advertising channels, push notifications represent a new trend. Sure, they have been around since 2009, but they are still newer than other alternatives. While they have been around for over a decade, there is still a big gap between this channel and others. These days, marketers are still figuring out new methods to implement push notifications in efficient ways.

Push notification advertisingWhen implemented correctly, push notifications will add to the visiting volume and bring customers over. Moreover, they can help with user retention, but also boost re-engagement. It is worth noting that there is a very fine line between the efficiency with push notifications and being taken for a spammer, so gaining website traffic implies proper planning.

Now, what are push notifications made of? What do you need to know about the concept of a push notification in order to understand how it works? The general idea is fairly simple and there are a few elements involved. As a general rule of thumb, a push notification comes with a title, an attractive message, a website link and – while not mandatory – a picture.

Most advertising experts choose to add the picture because it can make a difference. It needs to be attractive and tempting. In fact, it should be so well picked that it needs to communicate the actual message before the potential customer reads the message. Use the actual message to provide a few more details.

The title must be strict, crisp and straightforward. Avoid clickbait titles because they are too long to fully display. Plus, people associate such titles with random spam, so you are less likely to become too successful. Instead, keep it short and sweet and make sure it fits within the recommended character limit for a full display.

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How Do Push Notifications Work?

There are more things at the core of push notifications. For example, the Firebase Cloud Messaging from Google is one of them. The same goes for the Push Notification Service from Apple. They allow notifications on browsers, allowing pretty much every advertising platform out there to get a message out to customers.

The messaging solution from Google allows advertising experts to send notifications in two different directions – browsers and mobile applications. The server will send the notification content, as well as the information associated with the subscriber. The FCM will then send the actual notification to the device associated with the user.

Once the push notification is sent, website traffic will increase. Furthermore, details are sent back to the actual application. This way, applications, advertisers and the actual platform can track the performance. Moreover, having such analytical data allows platforms to charge more effectively for their advertising services.

While the FCM service is normally associated with Google, it will work with most browsers out there. There is one rule though – the browser must support Push API and the good news is most of them do. Therefore, even users of Opera or Mozilla Firefox can get such notifications. They are sent to the web application over a push service.

It is important to know that different vendors support different browsers. As a direct consequence, notifications and their appearance will also vary from one browser to another – also, from one operating system to another. Particular notifications rely on classic notification centers, while others do not. There is more to know about these push notifications though.

For example, push notifications cannot be sent to those who only browse in incognito modes – sometimes known as private modes. Then, web push notifications cannot be supported by browsers associated with applications – Instagram, for instance, allows users to browse the web in its own browser. Push notifications will not work there.

Generally speaking, there are four types of push notifications and each of them comes with its own characteristics:

  • Web push notifications – sent over desktops or mobile web.
  • Desktop push notifications – only available on desktops.
  • Mobile app push notifications – triggered by downloads and available on mobile devices only.
  • Wearable push notifications – available on wearables, such as smartwatches.

Why Are Push Notifications Important For Advertisers?

There are more reasons wherefore push notification traffic is so important for every advertising platform out there. Most importantly, push notifications will increase the subscriber base in no time while dealing with such a service. The rate goes around 10%, but it can easily exceed it. In order to subscribe, users need to allow notifications when prompted.

At this point, you will not necessarily need to understand how to motivate subscribers. Personal information is not needed either. In other words, push notifications are more effective because people do not need to provide personal details – no more annoying forms. It pays off sending welcome messages straight away though, so people feel a connection with the business or service.

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Extra traffic

Extra traffic will be a direct consequence of gaining more subscribers. As the campaign kicks in, more and more people will get these notifications. Some of them may ignore them, but many others will want to find out more. Obviously, the traffic to your website will increase – proportionally, potential customers are very likely to become actual customers too.

Different interactions

Push notifications allow a high degree of customization and plenty of diversity in terms of design and appearance. Apart from the link, you can add text, a header or an image. Most browsers allow rich notifications as well, meaning you can use large images and buttons. Interactivity is a plus and makes the difference – you can also make your notifications catchy and more visible.


Push notifications can be different, depending on more aspects related to the people getting them. Sure, generating the same content for everyone may also help, but diversity is a plus and may reach people in different ways. Split your audience into groups and keep in mind that you can segment subscribers based on the browsers they use, operating systems or even cities or countries.

Behavioral targets

You can send push notifications based on the users’ behavior too. This feature is available in most services. According to the experts at FoxVisits, you need to rely on tagging in order to do it by the book. Set the right tags and assign them to pages or categories. As a subscriber lands on a tagged page, those tags will be stored in the push notification system for the respective user.

Cross platforms

Push notifications have gained support from multiple companies, browsers or operating systems. For instance, you have support for Microsoft, Google and Apple, which run the three most popular operating systems in the world. Your audience is incredible. You can target mobile users, as well as laptop or desktop users. You can send specific notifications to particular users only.

High conversion rates

The push notification traffic will inevitably add to higher conversion rates. The conversion rate is directly proportional with the traffic – more traffic, more conversions. Your messages must be clear and should match the subscribers’ requests and needs, only to take them through the channel to complete more sales.

Push notifications allow promoting products in a gradual manner. The subscriber is encouraged to become loyal by returning over and over again. The more often they go on your website, the more familiar they become with your products or services. Engagement is high. As subscribers understand the advantages of dealing with your company, making a purchase becomes a matter of time only.

Simple and straightforward

You do not have to be a genius to use push notifications, but since different channels and ideas are discovered on a regular basis, you do need to do it right. Push notifications will give every advertising expert or advertising platform the possibility to send instant campaigns. However, these campaigns require creativity and well-planned strategies.

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Where To Buy Push Notification Traffic

There are more advertising networks out there and while many of them are reliable and trustworthy, some others will try to sell you the world, without actually providing. It makes no difference how big your website is. You can achieve this from push notifications with a new service and a low audience as well. After all, this is how you build up.

Buying push notification traffic is not a difficult job. Simply choose the right push traffic ad network for your needs, sign up and customize your campaign. Again, there are lots of services out there and you do need to do your homework. Read some reviews, consider the current users and check out statistics before signing up. Generally, a few clicks can get the job done.

Many of these networks come up with impressive audiences. They also feature different tools in order to ease your work. For example, FoxVisits will help out with whitelists, creative advice, tips and tricks, as well as automatic optimization. Indeed, customization is a plus, but having a skeleton campaign to work on will add to your overall experience.

The audience of push networks changes round the clock and this is one of the aspects you need to consider before making a final decision. Some of the aspects to think about include the subscription base and its size, as well as the top verticals. You need to know a bit more about the subscribers as well – location, interests, niches and so on.

The good news is that push notifications will not cost you a fortune, but they do require a few tools to ease your job. Different sources will also provide traffic of different quality standards. High-quality traffic will clearly cost more – the same rule applies to traffic from certain parts of the world or countries. It all depends on your product or service.


As a short conclusion, push notifications represent a modern trend in the advertising industry. Website and business owners can seriously benefit from them. Other than that, affiliate marketers will also love the idea of extra traffic, which is mostly targeted. Their sales may skyrocket with a well-planned campaign.

The good news is that push traffic is not as restricted as other types of traffic. Whether it comes to random ads or ads over social media networks, you will notice a plethora of restrictions that may not necessarily make your campaigns too effective. This is one of the reasons wherefore the push notification format is more popular – no more cloaking issues.

While still holding some secrets, push notifications represent a proven tool to launch ads. They are not new at all and their benefits have been proven. You are basically allowed to increase the audience and find new potential customers without spending a fortune on advertising campaigns. Choose the right push traffic network and make sure you can scale as you grow.