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So, you are interested in advertising with pop ups. This type of advertising has received a bad reputation over the past few decades. They are known to be annoying and invasive. Over the past decade, more and more browsers have added different features to allow blocking them, yet they still work their way through. The truth is pop up ads do not have to be distracting or bothering.

In fact, pop up advertising is actually effective and will help your audience. Of course, there are a few rules to follow. Your pop ups must be appealing to the people visiting your website. Instead of being intrusive, they should add to their overall experience. But then, there is a fine line between being effective and being annoying. Here is everything you need to know about pop up ads.

Differences Between Pop Ups And Pop Unders

If you have used the Internet before, you might have come across pop ups and pop unders. Both types of advertising methods are triggered by particular actions once someone is on a website. It could be a simple visit to the respective website that triggers them or it could be a click. There are more preset actions that can trigger them, yet most of them occur once the website is loaded.

Differences Between Pop Ups And Pop UndersMost people are familiar with the pop up idea. Basically, this is a window that pop ups. It has the classic buttons to minimize, maximize and close. It is like a separate window of the browser. It pops up on top of everything, so it draws your attention right away. You cannot see the content of the website without looking at it.

On the other hand, pop unders are a bit different. Basically, the window follows the same operating principles – it opens up at a trigger. However, it will not affect the experience. It will pop in the background, so you will not look at it. Instead, users see it once they close the respective window or the browser. It is like a re-marketing tool in advertising.

Pop ups and pop unders provide various opportunities to convert. It makes no difference what you are after. You might be advertising a service or a product. You might offer a discount code or perhaps you want to announce a special offer. You can get subscribers and even come up with a sale – it depends on how well planned your advertising campaign is.

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However, pop ups can be intrusive and they require perfect planning to ensure potential customers are actually paying attention to them. When they first came out, these pop ups were extremely annoying, so their reputation has triggered a natural reaction in people – they close the pop up without even paying attention to it, yet it may actually be useful.

Pop under advertising is a bit more subtle. Since the window opens in the background, users will not be affected. It still has to be relevant and appealing. Otherwise, people will end up having to close unwanted windows in the background whenever they leave the website. Basically, no matter which option you choose, everything must be planned in the smallest details.

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Pop Ads Earning Explained

Pop up and under windows can make money. There are more networks and platforms you can join to gain some profit from your website. It makes no difference what niche you are in. What truly matters is finding something suitable – you do not want ads on pressure cookers on your smartphone review blog, do you?

From all those networks, some of them clearly stand out in the crowd. The best network for someone may not necessarily be the best one for you too. There are more factors to consider and apart from the actual payment, you need to ensure the ads are also relevant to your industry. Otherwise, you risk annoying and chasing your subscribers away.

For instance, some pop ads earning companies claim on up to $4 for 1,000 pop unders. In other words, if you have 10,000 visitors a day, you could have $40 a day, which is not bad. But then, there are some requirements – every network has some. Plus, getting $4 per 1,000 pop unders is not the highest rate in the world, but not the lowest either.

Some of these networks also run affiliate programs to help you boost your pop ads earnings. For instance, you might get a certain percentage of what a recommended publisher makes. If you refer an advertiser, you will get a percentage of the money they put in. This is only a backup solution to make more money though.

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Back to the actual rates, visitors from some countries will give you more money. While this is not always a general rule, visitors from the USA will provide more money than those from Europe. On the other hand, Europeans are often seen as more valuable than Australians. Asian countries will give you less money in the long run.

At the end of the day, there are also a bunch of specialized networks. For example, instead of joining a large network that pays too little for Asian pop unders, you might as well find a local specialized platform that is focused on such countries only. Chances are you will make more money if most of your visitors come from this part of the world.

No matter what you are after, keep in mind that you are less likely to reach whatever a pop ads company will give you. While a company may sometimes claim that you can make $4 for 1,000 windows, this is not always the case, unless all your visitors are from the best-rated country for this platform. All platforms do the same thing and advertise what you can make up to a certain limit – the ideal case.

How Much Money Do Pop Up Ads Make?

So, you probably ask yourself – how much money do pop up ads make? The truth is such things vary widely and there are many factors to take in consideration. The way you plan your campaign is just as important, so take your time and do not rush. You need to take every aspect into consideration for maximum value for money.

For instance, you need to target high-value countries to maximize the income. There are a few “suspects” in this category – the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and a few European countries. Then, you need to ensure you restrict the categories for advertisers. This way, you ensure you get ads from someone who is somehow related to your industry, rather than totally random stuff.

You will find offers and orders – pick the ones you can fulfill straight away because they provide better value for money. Set a moderate bid too, rather than the minimum one. Otherwise, you will be spammed with all kinds of poor-quality advertising solutions. On the same note, do not set it too high either – you will get nothing in return.

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When it comes to the actual amount of money you can make, it ranges widely. You may end up making $50 a month, which is not really a great option. On the same note, if you monitor your metrics and make small adjustments whenever something is not right, you may also end up making more than $1,000 a month without too much hassle.

Pay Per Click – An Alternative

The pay per click alternative is not to be overlooked either. Prices are higher for a click than for an actual impression, but on the same note, quantity will drop.

Most networks and platforms provide such opportunities and they are highly related to more factors. Just like for pop ups or pop unders, you need to ensure you gain as much relevance as possible. You need to focus on a good niche, as well as top-rated countries. Pay per click rates vary widely and may range from a few cents to more than half a dollar.


As a short conclusion, pop ups and pop unders are still associated with an invasive way to advertise for something that you do not need. Chances are you close pop ups before even checking them out – as for pop unders, you will do the same once your browsing experience is over. But then, this trend is reaching to an end, as modern advertising techniques bring in relevance and usefulness.

Pop ups and unders are stronger than ever now and they have reached another level. They are no longer invasive, annoying, and irrelevant. Instead, they are useful and can actually bring in helpful information. Advertisers have realized that no one wants random stuff, so they aim to bring in special offers, discounts, coupon codes and other things that subscribers can actually benefit from.

Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, this industry brings in great rewards, but it obviously comes with some crystal clear rules too.​