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Want to make money with Push Notifications? This channel represent a relatively new trend in advertising. While being around for more than a decade, new channels of advertising to get website traffic are still discovered on a regular basis. There are plenty of possibilities out there and everyone in this industry can join the wave – whether it comes to advertisers or publishers.

Push notifications are similar to actual notifications from mobile applications. People accept notifications and they will pop in every now and then in order to advertise for something. It could be a new sale or a special offer, but it may also be something related to a different service. All in all, here is how to gain revenue from push notification traffic, regardless of what side of the business you are.

How To Make Money With Push Notifications As An Advertiser

Advertisers will make money from push notification traffic in an indirect way. Sure, there are more options here. If you run an advertising company, you will make money for helping someone gain more traffic. Basically, you get to publishers, display ads on their portals through push notifications and get paid from the company that you work for. This is the direct way to make money.

How To Make Money With Push NotificationsBut then, advertisers could also be website owners or business owners who simply need to buy website traffic and gain more subscribers and potential customers. This is the indirect way to benefit from push notifications. Slight results might be visible straight away, but they will not really make the difference. Instead, things will work in the long run and you can observe a massive difference within months.

You can find publishers directly and deal with them, yet it is easier these days to find portals or companies providing such push notification traffic. You can then buy website traffic based on several requirements. For example, you could choose the location or perhaps some interests, niche or even a few tags.

Make sure you choose a reliable traffic source. It makes no difference how good your ideas are. It does not matter how hard you planned this. You could have excellent offers and lots of creativity for your campaign. All these things will be completely useless if the traffic source cannot raise to your expectations.

When partnering up with someone, take your time to get a good network. Some names dominate the market – such as FoxVisits. You will have to see a proven track record of previous campaigns and they need to be successful. You also want some guarantees regarding the traffic – you want quality all the way up.

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Then, you need to ensure the niches, angles and verticals associated with the traffic source will match the campaign necessities too. Some traffic networks are based on particular niches. Some others are more general and can target people from different industries. Again, take your time to ensure you and the source can match.

In theory, you are paying this to advertising platform. In reality, it is an investment in your business. You will have a few extra subscribers today and some more tomorrow. You will gain more traffic and more potential customers. If the ads are directed to the right audience, you will also notice an improvement in the conversion rate – this is how you make money in the long run.

How To Make Money With Push Notifications As A Publisher

Publishers will usually find it easier to make money with push notification traffic. Again, there are two different ways to do it and each of them comes with both pros and cons. If you know how push notifications work and you have some basic programming skills, you can advertise your website and deal with advertisers directly.

Basically, advertisers reach to you and will be able to handle push notifications through your website. Sure, this process takes longer and getting on top of the competition can be hard. After all, you need advertisers in the same industry. At the same time, you need to build a reputation for high-quality traffic. Most importantly, you need a website with thousands of daily visitors.

Then, the easier option implies reaching to a push notification traffic advertising platform. Such platforms are for both advertisers and publishers. Basically, advertisers join to find more channels to send their ads, while publishers join to introduce their websites and make extra money by allowing push notifications through them.

When dealing with such a platform, do your homework. Make sure you reach a platform that accepts advertisers from more industries. You also want a platform with a good reputation and plenty of advertisers. The more traffic is around, the better. You do not want to make a few cents a day, but get close to a fortune.

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You will most likely have to provide a few details about your website, so the platform can match you to the right advertisers. Other than that, there might be requirements in terms of the daily and monthly traffic. From that point on, push notifications will be sent through your website and your revenue will gradually increase.

While this second option will help you start making money from day one and your revenue will most likely be decent after a while, the platform will also grab a share of your earnings. This is how such platforms make money. However, the good news is you will not have to struggle finding advertisers yourself, so overall, this option is more effective.

Understanding Push Notification Ads

Push notifications and push notification ads are often used interchangeably. Sure, they have many things in common. They are also based in the same environment and represent a type of online communication. With all these, they are also different from a technical point of view, so you have to understand what they truly mean.

How To Make Money With Push NotificationsClassic push notifications are normally associated with mobile applications. They are not random. Instead, they come over applications downloaded on mobile devices – such as smartphones and tablets. They are sent internally and related to the actual application – an update, a special offer, an upgrade and so on.

While they can sometimes be used for marketing purposes, they are not really associated with the affiliate marketing field.

Push notification ads are completely different though. This is what you need to focus on. These ads are online and come from different websites. Their role is to drive traffic to those websites. They work in browsers, so they can target both desktop and mobile users. Publishers can allow push advertising on their websites in order to make money. This format is widely appreciated in the affiliate marketing field.

Just like push notifications, push notification ads are direct and small instant messages. Such ads are not intrusive – far from the old school ads or popup windows – and serve multiple marketing purposes. They are similar to push notifications and follow the same operating principles, but they have different purposes and work in browsers.

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How To Choose The Right Push Traffic Sources

There are more aspects to consider when analyzing push traffic sources and the cost is one of them. Each source has its own cost, depending on the traffic quality, the amount of traffic, location, interests and so on. The competition is more intense than ever, so you may find big differences between one source and the other – the cheapest one is not really the best one, just like the most expensive one may not be great either.

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The amount of traffic is another important consideration. Some networks allow you to deal with top-notch companies, great volumes and traffic and low costs. Others will only deal with expensive companies, as the traffic quality depends on what you are willing to pay. The amounts of traffic vary from one platform to another. Some platforms can provide plenty of traffic, but the quality is poor – no conversions.

Keep an eye on the restrictions, rules and regulations too – no misleading banners, adult content and so on. Rules vary from one network to another.

Double-check the traffic quality too – bots are often used to add to the quantity, but they dilute the quality. Such traffic will not help you out. Targeting options are just as important. As an advertiser, you want to be able to choose the time, location, operating system, gender, age, languages, categories and so on.

Some sources allow lots of categories to choose and customize the campaign, while others might be limited. If you cannot find what you want, you may need to go in two different directions – two sources.


Bottom line, whether you are a publisher or an advertiser, push notifications can and will help. They can help you gain revenue in one way or the other. Publishers are willing to display ads to their subscribers, while advertisers will gain more traffic and conversions.

When choosing a traffic source, both publishers and advertisers must look in the same direction. If the source is great for publishers, you want to join as an advertiser too – there will obviously be plenty of fish in the sea. The same rule applies for publishers – you see lots of advertisers joining because of the terms, so you want a piece of that too.​