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As your blog grows, a new question inevitably comes into your mind – how can you monetize it? You work hard on it and you post original content and traffic inevitably goes higher. With time, making money out of your blog makes perfect sense.

Displaying ads is by far one of the best ways to get your blog going – regardless of its age. Choosing the right ad network depends on how much traffic you have. Different networks come with different terms and conditions, not to mention providing different levels of income.

On another hand, if your blog is quite new, it is perfectly normal to have a relatively low income at first. The income will grow proportionally with traffic. Some people wait until they have enough traffic for some decent income, but you might as well start early.

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Best Ad Network For Website – What Options Do You Have?

Making money out of your blog is relatively simple. After all, there are not too many options out there, but just two. Analyze both of them and figure out yourself which option could be better – or even better, try both of them.

Pay per click ads are some of the most common choices out there. Such a PPC campaign means you will not get paid because of the traffic and ad views. Instead, you will get paid when readers actually find interest in ads and click on them.

The second option refers to pay per view (PPV) campaigns. These campaigns will pay you based on the impressions. In other words, it makes no difference how many people click those ads. Instead, what matters is how many people see them.

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Pay per view ads will get you paid based on a certain amount of impressions. You will get a particular amount of money based on a thousand impressions – or another fixed number. Pay per click payments go up as people click.

Which option pays more? PPC ads will pay more than an impression, but impressions are easier to achieve. At this point, it depends on the ads and their relevance. What works for some websites will not work for every website out there.

Highest Paying Ad Networks

Adsense is probably the most popular choice out there because it is run by Google and has managed to dominate the market for a very long time. It represents one of the oldest options out there and has constantly grown with new technologies to keep users happy.

Media is another good option and a high paying ad network. It is run by Bing and Yahoo. It brings in a mix of CPC, CPA and CPM campaigns. Quality standards are quite high. Ads are distinct in appearance, so it pays off having a theme that will match them.

Propeller Ads is among the top paying ad networks too and allows instant approval and quick payments. It is mostly aimed at experienced bloggers and its ads can be automatically customized for all kinds of devices. Other than that, you have CPA, CPM and CPC programs.

Other high paying ad networks worth some consideration include:

  • Popads
  • Chitika
  • Infolinks
  • Revenue Hits
  • Bidvertiser
  • Adbuff
  • Hilltop Ads

Obviously, the list could go on with other qualitative ad networks. However, chances are the more reputable a network is, the more money it can afford to pay. On the same note, more money automatically implies high-quality standards. In other words, if you want to get paid well, work on taking your blog to another level.

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Best Ad Networks For Bloggers – Any Good Choices?

Many ad networks will provide quality results for all kinds of websites and not just blogs. They will work on gaming platforms, forums, discussion boards, presentation websites and so on. But then, some other platforms are directly aimed at bloggers.

best pop ads networks

best pop ads networks

Monumetric is a solid name in the advertising industry and aimed at bloggers. While other websites can also benefit from it, the truth is bloggers will gain more money with this network than with more famous networks. The personal support is flawless – you will get a custom campaign based on your needs. Quality standards are quite high too, so make sure you have decent traffic on your blog.

Ezoic is another great choice for bloggers and especially for those who get plenty of traffic from other countries than the USA. The network is quite diversified over different locations, so relevance will never be an issue. The dashboard is user-friendly and intuitive, while the customer service is always ready to answer your questions. It is worth noting that Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner.

Infolinks is suitable for both big and small blogs. It makes no difference if you have been blogging for years or you have just started. If you are new, this might be your only option. There is plenty of variety in the ads and the setup process is straightforward and easy. Customize ads, locations and other small things and you will get a script that will go in the source code.

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While these are some of the best-rated ad networks for blogs, the list can go a bit longer:

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As a short conclusion, there are quite some good options out there, regardless of how much traffic you have – obviously, more is better. Choosing the best option depends on more factors. More importantly, you will need to consider what ad format works best for you – you want a high income, but without altering the overall user experience.

Second, it pays off considering how much traffic you have. Some ad networks may require a particular level of traffic (usually expressed monthly) in order to get accepted. Failing to reach those limits can get you rejected or perhaps cost you a setup fee. But then, there are also networks that accept anyone – great for new or growing websites and blogs. Try out more options before settling down.